You can draft our technology to your project.

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start to think@about 'mini- humvee'@G@@minihumvee

Fastsurf@so great . unwrap surface nad make extexion data into spline
open spline

ed 20051022 illustlation manual

cad realization example to  our products
(design part ,  spec , cadkey way ,etc).

design , modelling


try to find the way know more about modelling image 2006/sep
  better reality than past, to my condition

bracket cad work and consider and bored & tired and medicine to good sleep .
plastic example21parts combination for assembly

bike  models 35x0.jpg (19988 ƒoƒCƒg) X35 
agz35 @france


utilization from cadkey  

illustlation manual 

Osca cad tips

  may way for layout mode

photoreal  studychrome

(classic model below is under development using  to long milkeyway dream.
 tyrerimic.jpg (3188 ƒoƒCƒg)

Way of our development....


81-90-6564-5566  celp  (japan)


@Cz70107s.jpg (19851 ƒoƒCƒg)

below Horex 644 osca was done before cadkey by 2D hand drawing.
If we could use 3Dcad at that time, some expense might be used to purchse a  Porsche Carerra.  regret!
But by re-input the data to Cadkey we  made visual sample of the frame by Lazor prototyping in early cad years!

About the minimum motorcyle information jam.


IT resorce6





HOREX germany

China project in sweat

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