Thinkearth kozaru LPG system laboratory-minimum emission
SOsca has aexperience to sutdy the emission technology in conbustion engine in 70`s and also 2004 .

Due to his experience, this LPG solution will have great worth for the future .

As one of the solutions ,Osca will think some realistic layout to kozaru and other bikes & scooters.




 静かに仔猿のLPG化研究が進んでいる,その道では有名なところ(RU)だが実用化に向け,ついにtestが始まった。 ガスタンクは本来縦置きが良いのだが,まずはtest用にセット。 徐々に進化確信!!. 近日動画も!!.kozarulpg8.jpg (94187 バイト) 


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