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tyre 2.25-18 example

The Golden CR110 ages;

The impossible is disregarded and a tire is considered. If .225-18 are used as a scale 50% in tyre 2.25-18, it is likely to become around here. By force, manufacture and a tire should make a 8 inch rim new natural. . which made 9 inches 8 inches since it ran Since a profile cannot be taken, it is.

If some want really ,i also want to do it. By reservation from many people I may move to realize to our dream  .

for realization by deeply thinking and layouting , We think it is better to  to develop new tyre with 55% deformed section.

HTE left tyre is 55% flatlized,
below is the image with such tyre.

we need lot of things to design,. and finace.
If youme one would like to invest to us, it will be reaaly appreciated!!




不可能を無視して,タイヤを考える。 tyre 2.25-18の場合.

cr11025.jpg (20268 バイト)

225-18を50%スケールにするとこの辺になりそう。 しいて,8インチリムを製 作,タイヤはもちろん新規だとして。 走行できるために9インチを8インチにした. プロフィールが取れないので. 

cr110252.jpg (10107 バイト) 

う〜ん 作ってみたい. 希望者多ければやるかも.. 予約専用で行く

より現実的なタイヤで 2006jan


5よタイヤは55%に扁平。ミニチュアでありながら、走行性能も確保したいのでこの辺に なろう。 装着すると下図のように。 


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