information  for guiness record gns.jpg (5091 バイト)challenge              Welcome to  OSCA moto Z31A   

we continue the challenge to Guiness record . You also !! Please create by your Guinnes challenge by your way by Kit Osca Z-bike Assembly Real Ulramini  = KOZARU


it pkg_kit.jpg (28201 バイト)Kit Osca Z-bike Assembly Real Ulramini = KOZARU


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English sorry under-construction
eg a challenger Utamaro mountain by KOZARU

running eg. movie

name OSCA Z31A
engien capacity 4-stroke 31cc
wheel base 572mm
weight 20- 22kg
licence plate applicable
max speed on test course 38km to 45km/h
reduction chain
frame high tension pipe
brake drum
suspension front telescopic
suspension rear no
tyre 90/70-4in designed by CK-design
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