Passion 有るのは情熱のみoscmithrxs.JPG (36751 バイト)

dream only to make a real motorcycle


oscamradic.jpg (9607 バイト)Top page in Germany Motorrad

oscapsic.jpg (10366 バイト) In PS motorrad

oscamoic.jpg (13449 バイト) In  MO

oscaegic.jpg (12615 バイト) in England

* in Belgique magazin by Michel dawance .-colour 4pages.

** I really want to original sheets or magazin as my records. If sympathic people could  send me one of aboves I will be happy. **

oscammic.jpg (4295 バイト) our honourable illustaretor would have prepared  for your PC top.(2.4MB but worthful)

zrmuse.jpg (227174 バイト)