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Horex644+Z31A Ko-zaru

hs500saoscaOsca knows a lot of parts should be refined and also the difficluties for the production..Though Horex 644 Osca was well done in Japan perfectly  .
The photo is on 16/nov with original 7-spoke osca type wheel ,forged and CNC .

***** specs *******
model name now ; 
● Hs500sa-Osca.
engine ; from subaru  500c  DOHC
single cilinder ,water cooled. around 50ps/max
note ! ; manufacturer of this motorcycle is not Subaru . Subaru is only an engine supplier to the model .
frame ; semi matrix frame
suspension rear ; sa-link type

photos  2008- 2009  smile on motorcycle subaru 500 engBut not final , is before final.

 to be continued cause of under deveolpment.

● hs500sa osca..
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 カラー記事 pdf
 本文記事  pdf   
上の画像はもちろんHOREX644OSCA と OSCA Z31A Ko- zaru

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